Is Olpair Safe Or Putting You At Risk ?

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Olpair is a host which gives you a good bandwidth of video and the users of the Kodi that use the video streaming provider to stream the videos and movies then there is the server error which gets crashed due to the increase in the demand of users that cannot be handled easily.

Then they have to block the Kodi users and they have to verify the IP address with their site. The thing that only matters is that Is olpair safe? It is safe because you have to pair with the openload and you only just change the IP address. Through IP address you can easily identify the users. Below, I am going to tell the easy and the simple steps to protect yourself. Just have a look at it.

Kodi Openload Pair Procedure-

  1. Firstly you have to find the media that you have to watch on the Kodi then you have to “click on openload”.
  2. Then just the message pops up like to play the video, “authorization is required”.
  3. you have to visit the link that is given below to authorize the device on your network
    “” then click “Pair”
  4. You have to follow the instructions and visit the address above in your web browser.
  5. Then you have to click the checkbox beside “I am not a robot” and then click on “Pair” in the top right corner.
  6. In the last step, your video will begin to play on Kodi and you will be able to watch these paired links for the next 4 hours.

Is Olpair Safe Or Not?

Yes, it is safe because of the large amount of traffic on the website, servers are not handled easily. you can see the same thing such as  flashx, videoshare and openload also. Just to avoid this problem, through Olpair you can limits the users and there is no issue with the crashing or down of the server. You just need to pair with the olpair so that we can protect yourself and keep you safe.

How To Pair With Olpair When You Are Connected To VPN

The IP address can easily identify the user of the system. You can protect yourself by using VPN as the information is provided to the government only. When the VPN is connected to the Olpair, then how you can pair them. Once you have suggested you to use a VPN then it may be difficult for you to pair with the olpair.

It is possible only just because of the VPN as VPN changes your IP address. It is our first duty for safety, privacy, and security. They all are our responsibility and if you would like to add security measures then VPN is one of the best ways to make yo secure.

They are providing the free service that may lead to huge traffic, the servers are not handled easily. That is why they have to block the users of the Kodi and ask them to verify the VPN address from the site. olpair safe is the best way to keep yourself safe from any kind of problem. You just to pair with the olpair only.


So at the end of the article, if you want to enjoy free movies and TV shows on your Kodi with  Kodi add-ons. then you have to enter the IP address into your computer or phone and click pair and you’re all set. It only takes a few seconds to connect it But still, you are facing any problem then feel free to ask the question by commenting below in the comment box.

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