KMSpico 2019 Download without Virus In Windows 7/8/10

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KMSPico is a software developed and marketed by the well-known hacker team, Team Daz. It is an activator program that has the ability to activate any version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Due to its immense popularity, it is frequently updated by Team Daz and allows it to activate the latest version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office. The activation it provides is completely genuine, so if you compare an official Windows copy to one which is activated by KMSPico 2018 you will find little to no difference in them.

Download Kmspico 11 Safely Without Getting Any Virus Errors

  1. KMSPico is extremely popular and due to this many websites and strangers on the internet try to take advantage of you by providing you with a fake link. This fake link will contain some type of virus that will do permanent damage to your system. So find the official link given by Team Daz to download the original KMSPico, this can be done by going to the mydigitallife forums and registering and then downloading it.
  2. After you are done download kmspico, you will have 2 versions of KMSPico to choose from. One is a portable version that you can instantly launch and use and other is a setup that will install KMSPico in your system. You can choose whichever method you wish.
  3. Once you are done with completing your preferred method, open it by double clicking the portable version or search KMSPico on your computer after installation and run the application file.
  4. You will most likely get a pop window with a warning message preventing you from running it. If that happens, it’s most likely because of not being recognized by Windows. Click ‘More Info’ and then “Run anyway”.
  5. You will now enter the main application, KMSPico 11 from where you can proceed to activate your desired Microsoft product. Microsoft programs you can activate using KMSPico are, Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise versions), Windows 7 ( Professional, Enterprise versions), Windows 8 (all versions), Windows 8.1 (all versions), Windows 10(all versions), Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft 2013, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016
  6. Once you are done selecting your desired Microsoft product that requires activation, you can click on the big, red Activation button and wait for the activation process to begin.
  7. Now the KMSPico activator will create a fake verification server on your system and when your Microsoft program asks for verification, the KMSPico verification server will give it the green signal and successfully verify this activation.
  8. You must restart your device for successfully activating your Microsoft product for lifetime.

Final Words

With this KMSpico download and installation tutorial we wanted to show you the process in how you can do it without any viruses entering and affecting your system. We hope you were able to successfully follow all the steps and activate your Microsoft product. If you have any questions or queries, comment down below and we will help you resolve it.


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