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In this tutorial you will learn how to download nintendo ds roms and use the nds roms on your Windows PC to play Nintendo DS games. Nintendo DS is the short form of Nintendo Double Screen, a key and unique feature of the portable gaming console device. It is known for it’s creative ways of playing games and utilizing both the screens while playing the game marvellously. The Nintendo DS was developed by Nintendo and released on 2004 and discontinued on 2013  for becoming out of date compared to the other consoles at the time. The most popular and the best selling games of the Nintendo DS are still some of the best games ever made and can be played even today.

You will learn how to play such Nintendo DS games without using the outdated Nintendo DS device and instead play it on your Windows device by using an emulator. This will be done with the help of nintendo ds roms. Which are images of the complete game stored as a file that can be opened by Nintendo DS emulators. These nintendo ds roms are available for download on the internet for absolutely free.

How to download Nintendo DS (NDS) ROMs

Step 1 : Run your web browser and type the url link to start searching for nds roms to download.

Step 2 : In the Google search textbox type in the name of the popular rom downloading website Coolroms or Emuparadise.

Step 3 : The official link of the website for downloading Nintendo ds roms will be available in the first result respective to whether you searched Emuparadise or Coolroms. Emuparadise and Coolroms are famous for having the largest collection of ROMs for almost every single gaming console and handheld gaming device including the Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation Portable,

Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Sony Playstation.

Step 4 : Once you enter the Nintendo DS rom download site, we can begin searching for the nintendo ds game that you want to play. To do the same, go to the Nintendo DS section under roms and find the game that you want to download and play.

Step 5 : If you are having trouble finding the game you want through the Nintendo DS roms section, then go to the search bar of the website and type the name of the game you want to download and it will search the entire database to give you the download page of the game you require.

Step 6 : Now that you have found the game you want to download and play, click on it to be redirected to the download page.

Step 7 : In the download page of the Nintendo DS game rom that you wanted to play, click the download button to save the entire game on your system for free.

Step 8 : You will see many download options and download buttons on that page, most will be fake and contain viruses or just be a scammy advertisement so stay aware of this and find the official website download link to download the game instead of any virus or adware and malware.


How To Use A Nintendo DS rom on A Windows PC device

Step 1 : Open on your web browser and click on the setup file that suits your computer.

Step 2 :  If your computer is running on Windows 32 bit version then click on Windows 32-bit (x86) to download 32 bit version of DesmuME Nintendo DS emulator. Click on Windows 64-bit (x86-64) to download the 64 bit version of DesmuME Nintendo DS emulator if you are running on a 64 bit version Windows. And if you have an extremely old system, click the third link to download DesmuME for Windows 32-bit for older systems (x86 without SSE2).

Step 3 : If you do not have the software required to run DesmuME on your system correctly then make sure to click on Download Prerequisite Installer to download all the prerequisites like Visual C++ 2010 Runtime DLLs. which are essential to use DesmuME without facing any errors.

Step 4 : Open the installer and agree to any terms and conditions it might give, then select the installation path of the emulator and click Install. Now wait for the installation process to complete after which you can run DesmuME on your device.

Step 5 : After following the above steps to download a Nintendo DS rom you will have the zip file in your computer.

Step 6 : Open the DesmuME emulator and click on Load.

Step 7 : Find the downloaded game’s path on your computer, select it and click Open.

Step 8 : The game will open and you will be able to play it.

Final Words

This was a tutorial on how to get Nintendo DS roms online and use them on an emulator to play Nintendo DS games on Windows for free. In case you have any queries, leave your questions down below in the comment section.

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