Who Is OneOne Made For?

OneOne is not just for Fortune 500 CEO's and Lawyers. OneOne has been designed for anyone who wants to have a discreet one-to-one conversation with someone else. OneOne is a "Privacy First Product" (PFP) and we take your privacy very seriously! Whether you're a student, a law-enforcement officer, or a head of state, OneOne provides you with 7 channels of discreet text-only conversation. Only you know the conversations for which you require true discretion. OneOne is made for YOU!

Why is OneOne So Special?

Well, to start with... With OneOne you neither create an account nor log-in! In fact, we don't know who you are or where you are! Many messaging apps promise some level of anonymity and come with an assurance that your content vanishes after a set period of time, and yeah, we do that too, but OneOne provides additional layers of privacy-protection and is the first messaging app that makes forensically connecting a message to its originating device virtually impossible.


OneOne encrypts and decrypts messages directly on your device, using 2048-bit RSA asymmetric cryptography and 256-bit AES encryption to protect messages between sender and receiver. Secret keys used to decrypt messages never leave your device so it's impossible for anyone else to decrypt the message's content.

Powered by Kwikdesk

OneOne is built upon the trusted and proven Kwikdesk discreet communication platform. In fact, the API used to develop OneOne is available to anyone who wants to build a next-level Privacy First product (PFP).

No Login!

With Oneone there is no need to register, login, or otherwise create an account. We don't know who you are, nor do we want to. We don't care about your social media profiles, nor do we need your phone number or access to your contact list. Your privacy comes first.

Destroy Function

When you decide to "destroy" a channel of communication within OneOne, thats it... The channel and all of its messages are deleted from your device and the server. This isn't ephemeral chic. This is serious business!


Easily set how many participants can join the channel.


Image Support via Camera or Gallery


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Your Privacy Comes First!

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