How To Reset Sony BRAVIA TV Remote

If your Sony BRAVIA TV remote doesn’t work, you may need to reset it. The Sony BRAVIA remote resetting is much simple that completes within a minute. To do this, remove the batteries from the battery and press the “POWER” button on the remote control for 15 seconds. After this, Insert the new batteries into the remote compartment.

How To Reset Sony Bravia Tv Without Remote

If you don’t have a remote control or can’t access the TV using the remote, you have an alternative way to reset the Sony Bravia TV without the remote control. However, your previously customized settings will be erased when you reset Bravia TV. As well as you must set up everything to access the Bravia TV after resetting. When performing a factory reset, it removes all settings, such as Google account, Apps, Wi-Fi settings, including Channel settings.

The manual reset process depends on how many buttons have the TV. Some TVs have a single button, while others have two or three buttons.

If your Bravia TV has a single button, follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, remove the power cord from the power source.
  • Hold the “POWER” button at the bottom of the TV and reinsert the power cord into the power socket. Hold the “POWER” button until a white LED light lights up at the Sony logo. This process may take up to 30 seconds to complete. After the LED lights up on the TV, release both buttons immediately.
  • If the LED light doesn’t turn on, repeat the steps from Step 1.
  • Please wait a few minutes; the TV will reset itself after following the above instructions. After resetting the TV, it will restart twice. Press the “POWER” button to turn back on the Sony Bravia TV if it doesn’t restart.
  • After this, the welcome screen appears on the TV display and starts the initial setup. If the welcome screen doesn’t appear on the screen, remove the “POWER” cord from the power socket and reinsert it; after resetting, your Sony Bravia TV will start the initial setup.

If your Bravia TV has two buttons, follow the instructions explained below:

It is possible to reset the Sony Bravia TV without a remote, and it is a very straightforward procedure; you can do it with simple instructions.

Remove the Power cord or cables from the power source, press the “POWER” button bottom of the TV and volume (-) buttons simultaneously on the TV(Not on the Remote control).

  • While holding the “POWER” and volume (-) buttons, reinsert the power cord into the power socket, and turn on the power socket switch. Keep hold of both buttons until the LED light lights up at the Sony logo bottom of the TV. This process may take 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Release the “POWER” and “Volume” buttons after appearing the green light.
  • After this, please wait a few minutes to reset your TV. After resetting your TV, it will restart twice, and a welcome screen will appear.
  • Now, your TV starts the initial setup again after resetting it without the remote.

If your Sony Bravia TV has three buttons, follow the below instructions:

If your TV has three buttons, the reset procedure has two steps. After manually resetting the Sony Bravia TV, the TV allows you to access its menu to reset the TV a second time using your remote.

  • Remove the power cable from the socket.
  • Press and hold the “POWER” and “VOLUME (-)” buttons simultaneously until the green LED light turns on at the Sony logo. This process also takes up to 30 seconds.
  • If the green LED doesn’t turn on, you must repeat the steps from Step 1.
  • Release the “POWER” and “VOLUME (-)” buttons immediately. The TV will take a few minutes to reset to the factory settings. After completing the reset, your Bravia TV will restart twice, and the welcome screen will appear on the screen. As well as, the TV starts the initial setup again, where you can skip several steps.
  • In the second part, using the remote control, go to the HomeHome and find the settings. In the settings, select the storage and reset option. After this, select Factory data reset. In this sub-section, select erase everything option. Select the “YES” button to reset your TV to factory settings.
  • Once done this procedure, your TV will start initial setup, where you can customize your settings.

How To Do Sony Bravia TV Factory Reset

It is a very straightforward process and can complete with simple instructions. However, this will remove all of your TV’s customized settings. After resetting your TV, you must customize your settings again.

  • Turn on your TV, and Point the remote control at the device sensor.
  • Press the “HOME” or “ACTION” button on the remote control, depending on your remote control type.
  • Select the settings or use the arrow keys.
  • Select the “SYSTEM.” I got to the “ABOUT.”
  • After this, select “RESET.” Select “FACTORY DATA RESET” in this sub-section and then ERASE EVERYTHING. Select the “YES” button.

Alternate Way to Reset Your Sony Bravia TV

  • Select the “DEVICE PREFERENCES” and then select “RESET.” In this sub-section, select FACTORY DATA RESET.
  • After this, choose “ERASE EVERYTHING” and select the “YES” button to reset your Sony Bravia TV.

Another Way to Reset Your Remote Control: Select the STORAGE AND RESET.

After this, Select the “FACTORY DATA RESET” option and then select “ERASE EVERYTHING” and select the “YES” button to reset the TV to factory settings.

This process may take several minutes. After completing the setup, your Bravia TV will start the initial setup again.

How Long Does Sony Tv Factory Reset Take

The Factory reset process will take 10 to 30 seconds, and your TV will take several minutes to reset itself. It would help if you waited until the setup was complete.

Sony Bravia Settings Without Using Remote

You can access the Sony Bravia TV settings using the button under the TV. You can notice power, Home, volume and other buttons under the TV panel. Use these buttons to access the menu and settings without a remote.

How To Turn On Sony Bravia Tv Without Remote Control

Insert the power cord into the power socket and press the power button on the TV to turn on your Bravia TV. If it is not possible, download Sony Bravia remote App on the Google play store or Apple Store to control your TV.

How To Turn On Sony Tv Without Remote Or Power Button

In most cases, you must have a remote, or the TV should have a power button to turn on your Bravia TV, but some Sony Bravia TVs have a pin backside of the TV. Turn on the switch of the power socket, and press the PIN to turn your Sony Bravia TV without a remote or power button.

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