D&D 5e languages Which are Most commonly in D&D

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Imagine if you knew all the useful languages in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and were able to breeze through all the creatures you face by communicating with them and understanding them through your journey.

Well you’re in the right place, in this post, we will discover just how to do that by finding out which are the most useful languages in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and this shall help you set the right foot first in your campaign.

D&D 5e Languages With The Best Uses

First of all, it depends on the path you choose for your campaign setting. Find out with your Dungeon Master DM about the lore you will choose to go with and then you can just try to learn the exotic languages like Infernal or Abyssal to talk with commoners.

  • As mentioned before, you should try to pick up d&d 5th edition languages that you will use the most in your journey mainly with creatures you encounter and thus Elven becomes an excellent choice here since it is spoken by a very common race, Elves. They are a very old race with ancient relics and knowledge stored in books, all written in Elven. Also, you will gain lot of knowledge on 5e magical spells and magic in general, so scrolls and spell books should enhance your magic skills. But again if you don’t meet many Elves in your way, learning Elven isn’t necessary.


  • Infernal or Abyssal is mainly spoken by cultists with interesting lifestyles with the goal of mostly destroying the world, you could befriend them by communicating their tongue and become their allies and know their reason behind their actions.


  • If you are playing as a mage spellcaster, then Draconic is the language to go, as it is commonly known as the language of magic and most spell books and ancient traps are written in Draconic. This makes Draconic really similar to Elven which has similar perks to learning it. Since most text written in Draconic is really old and ancient, it is very important to note that all these Draconic texts hold great value.


  • Dwarves is another extremely common race to meet like Elves. They have really bad temper so it is best not to anger them and the best way in doing so would be to be able to understand what they speak, that is, Dwarven. You would be on the good side of their temper by being able to communicate and stay on good terms with them, while also using this d&d 5e language often since elves are found everywhere.

Final Words

You learnt about all of the most useful languages to learn and use in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. You should definitely choose the languages you need from the ones mentioned here while setting out for a campaign in D&D 5th Edition. We greatly appreciate you reading this article and if you have any queries or questions, do comment down below and we shall respond to your issue immediately. Have a nice day!


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