How to activate trakt tv in any device With Simple Steps

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Trakt tv is a movie listing service that lets you keep track of your movies and tv show collections and also check what you have watched. It also suggests you with movies of the same genre that you may like. Today you will learn how to set up a trakt tv account and use it in different accounts and services. For example you can add your Trakt account into Terrarium TV under settings for a seamless and continuum experience. It will sync all your favourite movies and tv shows across different devices and also save your trakt credentials and personal information.

Activate Trakt tv in any device With Simple Method

Step 1 : You need to make a Trakt tv account to get started. Do this by simply logging in using any of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook or Google or you could just create a new account.

Step 2 : You can create a new account by entering your email address and then your desired username and password. Click Join Trakt to successfully create an account.

Step 3 : Choose a display name, followed by entering your location and birthday and your gender (it is optional to enter).

Step 4 : Now you must select your favourite genres of movies you like watching like horror, fiction adventure, sci-fi to name a few. Go through them all see which one you want. After selecting all of the genres you want, click next to proceed.

Step 5 : Now assign a watch history which contains all the TV shows and movies you have already finished watching. There will be an option next to it, which will help you in sorting and organizing the movies and tv shows available for you to watch. And the next option will let you save items to watch later. The trakt tv watch list will track every move of yours in terms of movies you have watched or any tv show or movie you are currently watching. After you finish watching the specific movie or tv show, it will get removed from your watch list automatically. The option next to it will let you find streaming services to help you in watching the tv shows and movies only. The last option, will allow you to rate the movie and give feedback and opinion on how you liked it.

Step 6 : You can share the information of the movies in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit etc or click next step to proceed.

Step 7 : Now that you are done configuring your account, go to the media application or device on which you want to use Trakt. We will use Kodi as an example here.

Step 8 : In Kodi, search for the Trakt tv addon and install it.

Step 9 : Now go to on your web browser and make sure you are logged in.

Step 10 : Enter the code you see on the website in the media application or device. And you will now be connected.

Final Words

We hope this tutorial enlightened you about Trakt tv and also about the process on activating Trakt tv on any device. For any questions or issues you might run into, leave a comment and we will respond to it.

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